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JAPAN: Hishimochi

Happy Hinamatsuri!

Hishi mochi (菱餅, ひしもち) is a symbolic Japanese sweet associated with the Hinamatsuri “Girl’s Day” festival, which coincides with the calendar date for Xiuxi (上巳).

Tricoloured Diamond Shaped Hishi Mochi

Hishi mochi is a symbolic ceremonial dessert and are presented to Hina Matsuri dolls as an offering in the days leading up to Girl’s Day. Its diamond shape is thought to represent fertility and the tricolour of red, white and green symbolises health.

Doll Festival in Japan – Displays, Origami and Special Food

The pink represents peach flowers, the white means snow, and the green means Yomogi, a Japanese green of early spring. [Yomogi is Japanese Mugwort.]

So it means: Under the snow, the green comes into bud, and over the snow, the peach flowers are in bloom. It shows an image of early spring in Japan.

Hina Matsuri: a Feast for Dolls and their Owners in the U.S.

Taste Atlas: Hishi mochi

The Taste of Japan: Insights into Culinary Japan

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